Alta Mira Project in Joshua Tree

The proposed project is a  Planned Development Permit for a 248 lot Residential Development, which includes a one-acre community center and 40 lettered lots for private streets, landscaping and drainage facilities.  The minimum lot size is 10,000 square feet and the average lot size is 11,528 square feet.  The project is currently on hold by the applicant, but may be resuming activity shortly.  Landscaping and street lighting has not yet been established for the project.  The project will be required to meet the County’s lighting ordinance.

Alta Mira "Gated Community" proposed for Southwestern Joshua Tree is up for Public review. We don't know if there will be a public hearing in Joshua Tree.   

JT MAC February 2009 Alta Mira Project comments:

Alta Mira Project  2009 Comments

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County of San Bernardino Alta Mira Project
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