Sample Letter to BIA Requesting Notification of Fee to Trust


John Rydzik

Bureau of Indian Affairs

2800 Cottage Way

Sacramento, CA. 95825

Fax: 916-978-6055

Rydzik, John (

Re: Request for Notification of Fee to Trust

By the Twenty Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians

Dear Mr. Rydzik:

____group or individual name_________ requests to be included on the notification or service list for any fee to trust application or notification of  a National Environmental Impact Report process initiated by a tribal resolution for the Twenty Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians.  Please keep this request on file.

If and when a Draft Environmental Impact Statement or Environmental Assessment is issued, ____group or individual name____________ requests a copy of the CD to be mailed in order for our organization to make appropriate comments. Many thanks in advance.


Name and all contact information

JTCA Contact,
Nov 3, 2011, 12:47 PM